April 24, 2017


During four sessions, you will learn which 4 key pillars make up the foundation of Blockchain. We will introduce the idea of ‘Value Transfer Trustless Networks’ to you. Given the complexity of the subject and to guarantee you retain and process the content and materials provided, we have designed this Masterclass to take place in 4 separate days during which you will learn from the lecturers and interact with other attendees. Dinner and drinks are include

Session dates

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Rotterdam October 25 November 1 November 8 November 15
Brussels October 26 November 2 November 9 November 16

Session I 
Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain: Learn what it is, why it works, and more importantly, how it works
To understand how ‘Blockchain’ will change the World, known economic models, global markets and the way we conduct business and in the end impact our jobs in finance, we need to understand how these things work, why they are considered secure and therefore a game changer and not just vaporware, a hype or fancy Fintech fashion. Distributed Ledger Technologies are here to stay. From the original Bitcoin to hundreds of cryptocurrencies and lastly the booming ICO phenomenon, we will introduce Blockchain, the underlying technology, to you in an agnostic way. The goal is to provide you with enough knowledge and judging elements, so that you can further develop and get deeper into Blockchain filtering and avoiding misleading currents and scams.

Session II
Permissioned Blockchains, Ethereum and Smart Contracts (or Blockchain 2.0):
Beyond medium of exchange and store of value there are other applications. You will understand how this technology can be leveraged to open completely new fields and opportunities and for which players on the market or what Permissioned Blockchains or Smart Contracts are. And how they compare to cryptocurrencies. We will provide some food for thought on the strengths and weaknesses discovered and discussed so far by developers and insiders of this fascinating trust eliminating technology which in the end allows to disintermediate in daily business processes.

Session III
Regulation, Tax & IFRS
Undeniably technology’s evolution pace is light years ahead of regulatory framework’s. Let’s debate in our group how do IRS (the Taxman) or the regulator look at cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Are they legal tender or even legal at all? What are the legal definitions of bitcoin, token, digital assets, colored coins, etc. What is the specific regulation? How does existing regulation affect if there is lack of specific? We will discuss how VAT, Income Tax, Wealth Transfer Tax, Foreign Capital Tax, etc. affect cryptocurrencies. Are tokens suited to evade tax by design or just the opposite? Let’s assess as a team how your companies would account for them and do conversion to FIAT: Which exchange rates are we to take? Who sets them? Is there an official fixing? Let’s work out together where to book the entries in the Balance Sheet or the Income Statement.

Session IV
Workshop – let’s practice!
The group will learn how to set up a wallet, a node or even a miner and which alternatives there are for the different OS. We will discuss centralized, decentralized, hot, warm and cold storage. Aspects like privacy, security, multi-signature, safety and compliance will be evaluated. The class will run some workshop and brainstorm proofs of concept using the knowledge acquired during the previous sessions.

Token economy practice: Set up a miner (low resources) – just for fun and experience. Set up different wallets and make them work – in other words, transfer money among them, explain exchanges, derivatives and crypto token markets… do forensic analysis on blockchain explorer. -> screen transactions done in this module. Work on accounting for trade, merchants, financial assets, ICO, hedging, etc…