Blockchain Masterclass for Financial & Business Controllers

the first Blockchain Finance masterclass specifically designed for Chartered Accountants, Finance Experts & Business Controllers.

Back Ground

Blockchain technology will disrupt existing business processes and business models. This introduces new business models and new ways of delivering services, which will in turn change our society as a whole. Blockchain at the core is a social innovation that gives individuals more freedom because they are less dependent on middlemen, government and companies.

This MasterClass is not for everyone and covers multiple disciplines: coding, mathematics, modern cryptography, finance & accounting, sociology and politics. Beyond hackers, developers and geeks in general only some eccentric investors and lawyers have looked more closely into the rapidly expanding Universe of Blockchain applications, from the original cryptocurrencies & digital fuel to Smart Contracts & ICOs. Don’t you think it is time for the finance and accounting experts to get involved?or We think it is about time for the finance and accounting experts to get involved.

Improve your skillset and get prepared to co-lead the disruptive change that Blockchain will unleash.

Four Sessions

Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain: Learn what it is, why it works, and more importantly, how it works

Permissioned Blockchains, Ethereum and Smart Contracts (or Blockchain 2.0):
Beyond medium of exchange and store of value there are other applications. You will understand how this technology can be leveraged to open completely new fields and opportunities and for which players on the market or what Permissioned Blockchains or Smart Contracts are.

Regulation, Tax & IFRS.
Undeniably technology’s evolution pace is light years ahead of regulatory framework’s. Let’s debate in our group how do IRS (the Taxman) or the regulator look at cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Workshop – let’s practice!
The group will learn how to set up a wallet, a node or even a miner and which alternatives there are for the different OS.

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Benefits and Impact

Featured Experts


With a degree in Business Administration plus over 20 years of professional career in Fortune 500 companies, Carlos co-founded BTC-Guardian immediately after getting introduced to Blockchain early 2014.


Council Member
NEM Foundation
Albert is a Blockchain expert with over 4 years of experience in the Blockchain industry. He is a council member on the NEM Blockchain Foundation and the president of Atraura Blockchain.

Martijn Siebrand

Specialist Blockchain, Logistics and Finance

Oliver Rikken

Blockchain & Smart Contract Expert

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